While Perth city looks quite remote and it is sometimes called “the most forgotten city in the world”, it actually, has a lot of wealthy and affluent sugar daddies. The growing population and its relative isolation as compared to the rest of the country make it the perfect hidden location to discover sugar daddies.

First of all, Perth is located in Western Australia and is actually the richest state in Australia. At some point, Western Australia even considered leaving Australia owing to a large amount of tax it pays yearly in order to help other states. Given that fact, it goes to show that surely Perth has a large percentage of wealthy men among its population. So if you are seeking the most generous sugar daddy in Australia, Perth is the place to be.

Last but not least, if you are looking for the best-looking sugar daddies in Australia, then head for Perth. The men in Perth are extremely delicious-looking because they enjoy sports very much. This can be a great place to meet the ideal sugar daddy of your dreams.

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